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Team Building

Team Building

The aim of this course is to increase the individual’s knowledge and skill levels in team building and team working skills. Gaining skills using methods, techniques and tools which will improve the delegates’ effectiveness as team leaders and team members. At the end of this course delegates get a good understanding of methods and techniques used and a good insight how they can be applied in a work and team situation.To date there are 30 IAS, 8 IFRS and 15 IFRICS. Reporting under Accounting Standards is becoming hectic. Regulatory framework putting forward corporate governance reporting and sustainability reporting are also adding to the load, making financial statements for statutory reporting even heavier. This course is a work through in terms of application of the most commonly Accounting Standards applicable to a big number of companies. We use a practical example to illustrate the application of the most used Accounting Standards in a real world context

Course Features

Some of our team building activities are listed below:  

  • Yogurt eating
  • Cup mines field
  • Save your balloons
  • Solo cup
  • Passing the balls
  • Magic carpets

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